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WS2812B/SK6812  LED Strip
Product Parameter:
P/N Beam angle  VCC Power/M LED Qty IC Chip Size(mm) PCB Color Lumen per meterIP Rate
MDR-CLWS2812B-30RGB120 degDC5V9W(MAX)5050 30leds/mWS2812B/SK68125000*10White/BlackR:12000 G:21000 B:5700IP20/IP65/IP68
MDR-CLWS2812B-60RGB120 degDC5V18W(MAX5050 60leds/mWS2812B/SK68125000*10White/BlackR:24000   G:42000 B:11400IP20/IP65/IP68
MDR-CLWS2812B-90RGB120 degDC5V27W(MAX)5050 90leds/mWS2812B/SK68125000*12White/BlackR:29600 G:103600 B:28120IP20/IP65/IP68
MDR-CLWS2812B-144RGB120 deg DC5V 43.2W Max 5050 144leds/m WS2812B/SK6812 1000*12 White/Black R:57600 G:100800 B:27360 IP20/IP65/IP68

Ws2812b Addressable  Led Strip Light
路 WS2812B LED Strip use the FPCB (flexible printed circuit board) to be assembly circuit boards, use SMD LED lights and components to be assembled, so that the thickness of the product only just like, Ocuppy a small space, and can be arbitrarily cut, FPC is soft material, can random winding, and wound freely movable in three-dimensional space without breaking, suitable for irregular place and narrow space of places to install, but also as any possible bending, suitable for advertising, decorative lighting, any combination of the kinds of patterns,LED Chip is built-in IC, then the components is less , pixels can be high, can make attractive appearance, and so on.
路 IC is designed with one data line, two power lines, 256 gray scale, high brightness, fast data transfer, fast screen refresh, etc., with the controller, you can achieve monochrome, gradient, water , horse racing, text, numbers, chase, English, pictures, animations, video, any effection, and so on.
路 Products using DC5V voltage to power supply, high safety factor, using the import led chip to be the light source , high brightness, light fade is small, maintenance-free, long lifespan , energy-saving and environmental protection, based on the above characteristics,More and more peopel choose led strip as lighting ,decoration product.
Product Decsription:
1) WS2812B Strip is powered by a 5V power supply (not included) and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller (not included).
2) 3-pin JST connector included: Red:VCC, Blue:GND, Green:DATA.
3) The strip has 3M adhesive tape on the back. Installation surface must be smooth, clean and dry.
4) Strip can be cut between every LED to create custom lengths.
50 Do not bend strip sharply. Do not exceed 2 meters in a single circuit. Longer runs should be powered from both ends to reduce voltage drop.
路 Adopt international leading manufacturer 鈥檚 chips high brightness width angle  , color consistency, and stable performance.
路 Each lamp beads form a loop, can be arbitrarily cut according to the needs of the length of the loop, without damaging other parts Convenient to Fix and install, flexible cutting operation make the construction simple, ultra-thin design, low temperature light source, make the selection for the auxiliary material more flexible on installation Energy saving, high brightness, low heat, low energy consumption,Clean, and beautiful.
路 Use DC5V to power supply, more safe on using Protection Rating: IP62 IP65 IP67 IP68, use range is wide Small, multi-colored, no radiation, high shock resistance, is a new generation of green high-tech products.

Installation wiring diagram
IP62,IP65 the installation diagram
IP67,IP68 the installation diagram


路 City skyline lighting villas advertising wall signs Christmas ( , , decorative landscape)
路 Irregular design of body decoration (shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, polygonal wall KTV
路 Establishments ceiling cavity design)
路 Public lighting lighting (schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, subway stations, railway stations)
路 Furniture dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, etc.)
路 Automotive beauty (body, underbody, wheelbarrow balanced car, etc.)
路 Please read the specifications and precautions carefully before installation
路 Please do not use nails or sharp instruments to intall led strip on the object, use double-sided tape or glue or wall mounted on plywood
路 Fixed led strip, you can not use acidic glue, it is recommended to use a neutral glue.
路 This product is a constant voltage DC5V, make sure Power is right before installation, after installation, check the wiring is
路 correct or not , so that avoid the product been burned
路 This product is recommended use in parallel. when the length is more than five meters, the tail so be power to ensure the brightness is enough or unevenChina LED Pixel Strip Lights suppliers

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